YMCA & Public Services

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YMCA & Public Services

Macdonald Design LtdWhether working for Retail Chains or National Associations such as the YMCA and British Waterways, Macdonald Design Ltd understand how large multi-centre organisations work.

Whilst developing a national brand it is crucial to also appreciate that local influences need to be accommodated and integrated into the design. In this way we can produce a design that can be rolled out and centrally managed over a large number of sites, yet can appear fresh and sympathetic to the individual environment.

Organisations like the YMCA, that consist of over 350 autonomous Associations affiliated to a central support team, often face the same issues but with regional or specific variances. Macdonald Design have brought our experience of one part of the organisation and adapted it to suit another. Again our broad based commercial experience is very useful to the voluntary sector where elements of the structure need to operate on a commercial level in order to generate revenue to support their core mission.

We are also keen to work with large multi-site organisations and Sports Governing Bodies to ensure that economies of scale and co-ordination of programmes can be delivered.



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