SIPS & Sustainable

SIPS & Sustainable

Ever dreamt of having your very own Grand Designs property?

Macdonald Design are now operating in the sustainable building market. We are working alongside several specialist prefabricated contractors building with SIPs and similar eco-friendly building methods to provide a turnkey operation for all types of construction projects ranging from new build housing to renovations and extensions.

This turnkey operation will often foster the use of SIPs construction. SIPs is an abbreviation for Structural Insulated Panels. This is a new technology that builds faster than any other building method whilst providing a stronger structure and far better insulation than traditional construction. These enormous benefits are making SIPs construction an incredibly attractive alternative to traditional construction, especially considering the upcoming stringent green requirements that will be placed on any new design in the upcoming years. SIPs construction easily satisfies current building regulations and will do so for years to come.

This turnkey operation will marry together leading companies in their own particular field to deliver a complete design and build package that will be built more quickly and efficiently than by using traditional methods whilst being provided at a very competitive price.

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