Project Yewlands

Work beginning on site
Work progressing on site
View of house from existing
Visual of new extension viewed at night from the rear
Internal visual of the proposed living room space in new extension
Internal visual of the proposed kitchen area in new extension
Picture of completed new extension from front
Picture of completed new extension from side


Our client’s existing detached three bedroom house is situated on a quiet residential road in Banstead. The house has limited space with only three bedrooms on what is relatively large plot. With a growing family and concerns about how to accommodate an ageing parent the proposal addresses these issues by extending in to the space currently occupied by an independent garage building. A need for more family living space has also been pressing.

The scheme demolished the independent garage building and allowed to this side of the site a new double storey extension which provided an extended bathroom, three bedrooms with ensuite and one further bedroom. At ground floor level a garage space was integrated. A new single storey extension incorporated a new lounge/living space and an annex to provide space for a small living area for my client’s mother. This annex contained one bedroom, a bathroom and a small kitchen and living space. To provide a level of independence a new side gate and access path has been incorporated. The ground floor layout also allows the garage space to be more appropriate to the needs of modern vehicles (rather than the very small internal space offered by the existing garage) whilst also providing much needed storage space. A separate utility space is also essential for a young family with all washing taking place in the kitchen currently. The proposal provided necessary enhanced family living space, and a solution to the future support of an ageing relative without detriment to a sizeable plot.

The project was constructed by J.W.Cannonand completed in the Summer of 2011.