Project Oakdean

Photo of existing rear elevation
Visual of new bathroom
Visual of new dining room
Visual of new kitchen
Visual of new living room


This is a particularly unique project as our client’s wanted us to survey and begin drawing work before they had actually moved in. The four-bedroom house situated in Dorking is decent-sized but in poor condition and layout. The large garage and rear of the extension are separated by a small alleyway and the existing kitchen and dining room are of a very old design. On the first floor the stairway is particularly clumsy with further steps up needed to move in either direction on the landing.

The brief was to make the space far more open plan and use some of the garage space to accommodate this. We have designed a new kitchen and dining room on the ground floor whilst knocking down the wall to the lounge space to achieve this open plan design. Our visuals above illustrate this. Sliding folding doors to the rear of the property have been introduced to allow as much light into that space as possible and also to improve access to the garden. A separate utility space has been introduced by the kitchen and this takes up some of that garage space. There has still been sufficient space left in the garage to house a car or storage depending on our client’s requirements. On the first floor, a more suitable stairway configuration has been integrated to allow more space on the hallway.

The visuals above illustrate how the house will look once construction is complete.

The contractor has yet to be chosen but construction will be due to start in the spring of 2012.