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Oxshott Village Sports Club

Macdonald Design were appointed by Oxshott Village Sports Club (OVSC) in the summer of 2011 and charged with the task of redeveloping the sports club in order to ensure its long term sustainability. Setting the brief, Bob Gasston, Club Manager of OVSC, outlined the major issues that threaten the long-term future of the club. Whilst not immediately apparent to the membership, unless a long term strategy is identified and adopted, the club will be faced with insufficient funding to renew playing facilities.

The most pressing physical concern is that of the existing clubhouse which is in major need of redevelopment. Poor changing facilities and with a clubroom that is too small to house all of the varied events. Thriving sections such as Squash and Petanque are being prevented from expanding by the restrictive facilities that currently exist.

Following detailed consultations with every section of the Sports Club, Macdonald Design produced a revised site plan that incorporated all of the new facilities and changes that each section needed to sustain their current position and also to improve and attract new members.

These changes include a redeveloped and extended clubhouse that allows for a first floor and contains extra squash courts, more function space on both floors and the addition of a new gym on the first floor. An extra Petanque terrain has been incorporated to allow this growing section to flourish further. A new state-of-the-art indoor tennis centre, has been incorporated into the new plan with the existing deteriorating cricket nets removed and replaced with new nets on the other side of the ground. This revised site plan was agreed by the club as their vision of the future and put forward to the local Planning Authority late in 2011 in an initial outline meeting. The feedback from Planning was extremely positive with a letter in writing confirming their outline support for the project.

Currently, Macdonald Design have been commissioned to carry on with the development works with a staged programme already in place to deliver the project. We are working hard with the sports club, the various Governing Bodies and also Sport England in order to secure the necessary funding to deliver the project over the next few years.

A PDF versionof the proposed site plan is available here to download.