National Ltd

Prefabricated timber constructed on site at Ashtead C.C.
Completed project at Ashtead C.C.
Prefabricated timber constructed on site at Chipstead C.C.
Completed project at Chipstead C.C.


Macdonald Design have worked with National Stables for a number of years. They were first approached by Macdonald Design to provide a timberframe construction for the project at Ashtead C.C. Their cost was incredibly competitive and they were duly appointed onto the project to construct the shell of the building with a contractor completing the interior fit out. Despite abhorrent weather, National carried out an outstanding job.

Following the success of this project Macdonald Design have worked alongside National on a number of other successful projects including at  Chipstead C.C. With the experience of these projects Macdonald Design and National are now fully equipped to offer an extremely competitive design and build cost, especially for sports pavilions but also schoolrooms or similar. With this relationship blossoming we will be working on a number of projects in the next few years.

National’s philosophy is simple – to provide you with the highest possible quality at the best possible price by combining the latest in production technology with the traditional values of true craftsmanship.

Not many industries are enjoying the phenomenal growth presently being experienced in the timber building industry. The challenge in their industry is to harness this demand by delivering excellent service – Excellent service in terms of choice, excellent service in terms of customer care and simply excellent service whilst remaining totally flexible, cost-effective and competitive.

The National team are totally committed to pursuing excellence in every possible way – value, quality and efficiency, as a result demand is now hurtling forward unabated.

They invest heavily in training to ensure their sales support staff are knowledgable, relaxed and responsive. What’s more, by utilising absolute cutting edge computer design technology, they have at their disposal the equipment to offer an incomparable service, ensuring you get exactly the right building for your purpose.

Their design studio, administration, factory and workshops in Kent are where the National team pride themselves in their abilities unparalleled in our industry.

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