logo for sign 2Our client approached Macdonald Design with a view of modifying his recently purchased property in Streatham, London. The visuals above illustrate how this flat will look when our work is finished.

The existing configuration of the ground floor is a little disjointed and offers little cohesion between the rooms and spaces. The kitchen, bathroom and dining rooms are quite cramped. These rooms are also very dark and offer little natural light.  The purpose of these works is to reconfigure this space to make those spaces far more cohesive, with better access and more natural light.

The proposed plans redesign this space to incorporate a far more open plan concept. There is now just one doorway to the new kitchen/dining/living space. There is now a kitchen/dining/living room that is far more cohesive and this will make this a very attractive space to spend the majority of time in. This open plan space has been extended 3 metres with a glazed roof light across the rear of area to allow as much natural light as possible. This large open plan space is now far more flexible and creates a much more cohesive space.