Case Study Ashtead CC

Existing Clubhouse

Work carries on despite the horrendous weather

National assembling the pre-fabricated structure in record time

National assembling the pre-fabricated structure in record time

England Cricketers Graeme Swann, Monty Panesar and Charlotte Edwards inspect the new pavilion as the ECB adopt Ashtead C.C. as their flagship project as part of Natwest Cricket Force

Inside the bar at the newly completed pavilion

Mickey Stewart officially opens the new pavilion

The new pavilion

Ashtead C.C.

Macdonald Design LtdThis was the first timber framed clubhouse project that Macdonald Design have delivered and the success of the project has led to many referrals since. The existing pavilion had been in a poor condition for many years and was structurally unsound so plans were made to demolish the existing and build a new pavilion. The initial discussions with Ashtead CC took place way back in 2003. At that time the view was to approach the construction using traditional brick construction which came in at a cost of around £450,000 plus VAT which despite the plans being approved by planning left the project undeliverable as the supporting National Lottery bid at the time was unsuccessful. The committee then reconvened in 2006-7 with a view to looking at alternative Building Constructions with a timber fabricated building method being finally chosen.

At this point the cost was reduced by £100,000 but funding was still unattainable at this level. National, a timber construction company, were consulted to price for the works following a very successful project at Purley C.C., albeit on a far smaller scale. Their cost was extremely competitive. The total project cost was established at £208,000 plus VAT, less than half of the 2003 projected cost! With the construction cost now financially attainable, the ECB adopted the new pavilion as their flagship CricketForce 2009 Project. All approvals and grant aid agreements were signed and the project commenced on Nov 2008 with the demolition of the existing clubhouse.

Kirkbuild, the chosen contractor, worked solidly on the groundworks and construction despite horrendous weather conditions including flooding and snow. National’s pre-fabricated installation took just 3 weeks with Kirkbuild returning to fit out the interior, drainage and landscaping with the project completed in the late spring of 2009. The clubhouse was officially opened by Micky Stewart to national acclaim with a feature documented in a test match programme later that summer.