Barnett Wood Pre School Design

Barnett Wood Pre-School
Barnett Wood Pre-School


Macdonald Design LtdFollowing the success of the Ashtead C.C. Project, Macdonald Design were approached by a local school to design a new pre-school in Ashtead. This school was designed with the idea of a timber building firmly in place from the offset.

Once a design and footprint were agreed between the school and ourselves, months of consultation with the local council to secure the funding took place with Macdonald Design playing a key part in finally raising the funds. With funding now in place, we worked alongside National (to provide the pre-fabricated timber structure) and Kirkbuild (to complete the fit-out and groundworks) once again to deliver an outstanding building.

The school has now been built and has been received with generous praise from students, teachers and parents alike. A picture of the finished building can be found here.