5 bedroom house available to buy in Kingswood

New 5 bedroom house available to buy in Kingswood

5 bedroom house available to buy in Kingswood

Macdonald Design are delighted to announce that the new luxurious 5 bedroom house is available to buy in Kingswood through Fine and Country designed for our developers Anwick Homes. A full specification for the new house, including available price, can be found here.  

The windows and doors have all been constructed so the property is really beginning to look impressive. The hallway entrance with the additional natural light offers a truly unique and modern entrance. This light follows you down to the generous open plan dining and kitchen area which looks out into the garden. With construction work now picking up the property should be available from July in this quiet cul-de-sac.

Macdonald Design were appointed by our client Anwick Homes to devise a scheme for a back garden development in the affluent area of Kingswood. Following detailed consultation, with our planning consultant Kevin Scott Associates and the local planning authority, Macdonald Design have produced a five-bedroom scheme which is in keeping with the neighbouring houses as well as introducing a more contemporary feel. This is achieved by a full-height glazed entrance to the house and an open plan kitchen/dining space opening out into the garden.

Photo updates will be released regularly through our facebook, twitter and tumblr accounts so stay peeled!


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